Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mr. Gary on the Feedback Show

Post-production continues to be a huge education. Part of me is longing for the old days, when my role in post was coming in to look at a rough cut and offer suggestions. Now I'm constantly organizing, reorganizing, selling the project, attracting talent, figuring out just what makes an FX editor good vs. great. And so on. I can feel my career path changing every day.

One of the most exciting things is seeing how 'buzz' develops. Our shot went well. The footage looks amazing. Word gets around. We won a great grant for post-production. That's another set of people who know and want to help. The circle widens, and doors open up. We advertised a fundraiser, and now a local TV station is sending someone to cover the event, and the director may get interviewed on TV.

Someone once said, "In Hollywood, people don't fail. They quit." I'm learning what they mean. You are only going to get to your destination if your project snowballs. And you start the snowball with a fistful of hard work. And then another. And then another. This is what directors do. I see it with Lise Swenson, the director of Mr. Gary. I see it in Roberto Jabor. I did a rewrite on spec for Roberto a few years back. I liked working with him. I liked the script. But I didn't really plan on it becoming real. He never stopped working, and now it's very real indeed.

By the way, if you are interested in coming to the fundraiser, you're invited! It's this Sunday, July 29 in San Francisco. Stop by, say hi, have a glass of wine. I'd be thrilled to meet you! I'll post more about it in coming days.

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