Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Writing Blogs

I've been stumbling across some good blogs for writers and thought I'd share. I mean, hey, I don't know why a reader of my blog would need to visit another blog on the side. I'm not jealous or anything. And just to prove it, I'm letting you know that these blogs are great.

Time to Write gives some helpful advice on avoiding procrastination and actually completing your day's to do list. Smart guy.

Edie Meidav is a tremendous novelist. She wrote a blog to accompany her latest novel Crawl Space. I'm not sure how active the blog still is. But if you read one thing, let it be "Cutting Cucumbers and Xenos". How you make a salad says a lot about you. Screenwriters are usually looking for good ways of encapsulating big conflicts in small, personal actions. Read Edie and you'll see how a strong writer embraces the challenge.

More soon..

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