Friday, February 8, 2008

Film Susu

A few months ago I gave an interview to a new indie film website named The interview was pleasant enough. Just really, really short. Like 30 seconds long. I expounded on screenwriting in response to one fairly vague question. And then we were done, apparently.

I went to the website the other day to see if it was up. To my surprise, access to this interview is now a benefit of 'premium membership', along with another interview and 'technical and creative support'. If readers of this blog are seriously considering dropping forty bucks on the chance to hear me... they should know I'll gladly answer emails for free.

1 comment:

dougedoug said...

Acess to your interview is not forty bucks. there are a range of services attached to perminum membership.If it buggs y uo I will be happy to take it offf the site.
by the way the interview is approx.three minutes long.